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Content marketing and social content marketing goes hand in hand with many marketing tactics,include search engine marketing and email marketing. Advertisements

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Vanilla Cup Cake

Vanilla cupcake is a favorite at my home and my kids get excited whenever I make them.Last week, I had posted a recipe of chocolate cupcake and it was not long before they asked for some vanilla ones as well. I keep experimenting every time I am baking, and this time I tried a recipe […]

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Sunday Morning Sheet Pan Breakfast

On Sunday morning I made a nice “sheet pan” breakfast for “the boys.” It was nice only having the one pan when it came time to deal with the dishes and they really enjoyed it. When I put it on the plates it actually ended up looking something like a face… totally unintentional but kind […] […]

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Sunday meal prep and the week that’s Past

Hello and good evening everyone!! This week has felt like a lifetime, meaning never ending, but also it has passed by so quickly and i don’t know where the time has gone! At the moment i feel like i am living in my own little bubble of work and trying to balance all the different […] […]

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Happy Sunday

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💗Happy Sunday💗

💗Happy Sunday💗 Love doesn’t need a reason Love doesn’t always make sense Love doesn’t always mean no risk Love doesn’t mean we don’t try Love doesn’t mind if it’s misunderstood Love only asks that we try I think that’s all we can do And let the rest go 💗Happy Sunday💗 via 💗Happy Sunday💗 — Tell Me […]

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Solar Energy for SCI

Two Sand Creek Intermediate classrooms will be solar powered soon, thanks to the 6th grade STEM classes of Jennifer Suskovich. HSE21 Shorts asked Mrs. Suskovich about the project’s origins, and about what her students are learning in the process. (Process – hmmm…that word sounds familiar from our last post…) Q: This is a huge undertaking. […]

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Solar Energy and Digital Business — ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The underlying factor in all of these advancements we talk about is power. In many cases, technology in the battery industry has enabled us to have devises like smart phones, laptops, and wireless headphones. But they also use a huge amount of energy. […] […]

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Largest objects in our solar system

Have you ever wondered what surrounds us? Or have you wondered which planet was the biggest? If so, keep reading(: The largest Planet in our solar system is Jupiter, It is roughly 88,846 miles at its largest diameter, which is about 11 times the diameter of the earth. The largest Moon in our solar system […] […]

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Solar System Stability

If I explain this properly, my readers will be able to understand perturbation (a deviation of a system, moving object, or process from its regular or normal state of path, caused by an outside influence), without having to be a physics geek, however I do expect to lose many readers. All planets move around the […] […]

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Has Anyone Seen Spring?

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