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Birthday Cake Dip: The Best School Treat

Tasty Tuesday In celebration of my Little Man’s 8th Birthday, today I’m going to share with you my “go to” school birthday treat. It’s always a hit in the classroom. In fact, I’ve brought it for both kids’ birthday’s for a few years now! It’s become my trademark school treat! I like to divide up the […]

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Vidtuesday – birthday cake and fire — Glücksgeist

This is such a hilarious video! Prepare yourself. The amazing Tanya Burr and Joe Sugg had a little baking competition. Tanya was throwing a birthday party and needed a few deserts for that. The person with the best desert won the competition. Tanya brought out a baking book so she’s quiet an advanced baker. Joe […]

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Almond Coconut Birthday Cake — A little Swiss, a little Canadian

Happy weekend everyone!! This was a very special week for us; we celebrated our daughters 18th Birthday! I have to admit this comes with some mixed feelings and maybe a few secret tears:) Yes my babies are growing up, making me think back to when they were little, time goes by so fast indeed, but […]

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Before our Mia Kouppa launch about 7 months ago, we established a few goals and rules to keep us focused, and on track. Our goals included increasing our reach (that’s blog speak for people seeing our stuff) every week, learning all about Tweeting and Pinning, and being invited to appear on Ellen. Some goals are clearly more attainable than others. As […]

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