Dear Politicians We Want To See The Real You

When I had my stroke-ish-thing I came off social media and stayed away from politics in general. One day a friend phoned me and was going on about Kezia resigning, I had no idea what he was talking about. I wasn’t living in the twittersphere. You see we think as politicians (or former politicians) that […]

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Arrogance and Politicians

Instead of enjoying and celebrating our country’s independence in New Jersey this weekend, we were instead reminded of how arrogant, insensitive, uncaring, two-faced, and self-centered politicians can be. I have other words in mind but choose not to use them here. It seems our governor decided to shut down the government this weekend because he […]

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Special Election

All eyes are upon Georgia’s 6th congressional district tonight for the special election to fill the empty house seat formerly occupied by HHS Secretary Tom Price. Republican Karen Handel is facing off against Democrat Jon Ossoff. National media and the national democrat party are ‘all-in’ to support Ossoff and have spent over $30 million in […]

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The problem with identity politics

By Louise O’Shea in the Australian socialist paper Red Flag: Theory & History The label “identity politics” is applied to a range of positions and practices, the key unifying features of which are sectional approaches to challenging oppression and the prioritisation of subjective experience. These can be highly theorised or simply reflect a common sense based […]

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I took part in a discussion on ‘Identity politics, communalism and multiculturalism’ at the Secularism Conference 2017. This is something of what I said. ‘All politics is identity politics.’ And ‘Without identity politics there can be no defence of women’s rights or the rights of minority groups.’ So run the two most common contemporary defences […]